Suryani, 19, the fifth semester student of English Literature Department of Unikama was the only Indonesia’s delegation to Borneo Model United Nations Conference 2016. She attended a week international conference in Sarawak, Malaysia and has landed back in Indonesia on Oct. 2, and started her daily activities as a student of Unikama.

Suryani (left) had a serious discussion with Swedish delegation and other countries in BMUN conference
Suryani (left) had a serious discussion with Swedish delegation and other countries in BMUN conference

Yani, where her friends usually called her, told all experiences she got from the conference. She said that many new experiences she got from the international conference held in Sarawak, Malaysia from Sept 26 to September 30. She frankly said that she experienced something new she seldom experienced when she’s studying as a university student. In the conference she was obliged to think critically and spontaneously on various international issues such as terrorism, civilian hostage etc.

Although, according to her, it was difficult to attend international conference like BMUN, but Yani enjoyed it and promised to write more articles and send them to similar conference in the future. “The event was a challenge and I was challenged to do my best, “Yani quoted as saying on Monday. She also said how nervous she was when her argument was debated by other delegation from different countries and she was obliged to defend her argument or opinion. It is necessary to know that she also attended the similar event in Jogjakarta, Indonesia on November last year.

“Yani is now only the students of fifth semester of English Literature Department but she has more than sufficient International Exposure, that’s why we are proud of her and we hope she inspires other students of Unikama especially the students of English Literature Department,” Trisno Tunggal the Head of English Literature Department, quoted as saying in his office on Tuesday 4/10.


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