Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 8-9, 2016 was the graduation day of Unikama (University of kanjuruhan Malang). 1.095 students took part on the graduation ceremony. One of the students was the students of English Language and Literature Department; Muhammad Binarlal Setiabudi. He was crowned as the best graduates with GPA index 3.92.

Binarlal (num 4 from left)

Looking at his achievement, it was not a surprise when some local newspapers in Malang such as Malang Times, Surya Malang, Radar Malang and others posted his photograph yesterday. He told the journalists that he had to work hard to achieve these achievements. Besides, He also had to explore and solve all his weaknesses and maximize his strength. When a journalist asked him what he is going to do after finishing his study in University of Kanjuruhan Malang, he undoubtedly said “ I’m going to continue my study to Master level.”
Good Job boy!

The Best Graduates – The Student of Ellite